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"If a living system is suffering from ill health, the remedy is to connect it with more of itself"

Francisco Varela


Who is Laura Mead?

Laura Mead is a teacher of bioenergy work and meditation. She is a graduate of the Heartland School of Massage and has completed Master Level Training at the Wirkus School of Bioenergy.  She has received the training of many teachers from around the world.  Laura is a member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals as well as the American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia.  Laura is a bioenergy consultant and certified bodywork therapist.

What is Bioenergy?

Bioenergy theory is based on the idea that all living things are infused with and surrounded by subtle fields of energy.

What is Bioenergy work?

"The transmission of a human's energy from one person to another in order to improve the health state of the person to whom (the energy) is transmitted."

Margaret Wirkus


What is Meditation?

Meditation is a practice used to cultivate or develop qualities of the mind and emotions. This development allows us to begin to choose our relationship to and our interactions with our thoughts and emotions. This ability gives us the opportunity to gain insight into the nature of our being. Meditation has helped many patients obtain relief from acute, cure Carpal Tunnel and chronic pain.

Meditation can be used to:

  • * develop single-pointed focus
  • * cultivate compassion
  •   and loving-kindness
  • * gain contemplative insight
  • * allow access to a peaceful
  •   state of being
  • There are many other types of meditation practice. For more information click here.
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